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Post number one: what's this all about?

Hi. I'm Dennis, I live in Belgium and am currently working as a security consultant. As long as I can remember, I have had a strong interest in technology and computers.

Amongst things that interest me and experiments, you'll find here my notes on the road to my CISSP and OSCP certification.

Update: meanwhile I've acquired both the CISSP and OSCP certification, yay!

There are many very good blogs on information security. However, many security blogs assume deep technical knowledge or expertise to even understand the content (I'm talking buffer overflows, reverse engineering, kernel pointers, Heap Spraying, ..). I'll start at the beginning and will document my learning curve in this blog.

This personal blogs aims to those with a strong interest in IT security but without the hands-on experience.

Thanks for reading this,

Cheers, Dennis


PS: FYI, this blog is running on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu server with Ghost. As this is a security blog after all, TLS 1.2 encryption is enabled on this website.